Best time to visit and travel Halong

By Ngoc Nguyen - June 12, 2024
Best time to visit and travel Halong

Which season is the most beautiful to go to Halong is certainly a question of many tourists when they want to visit Halong. Below, this article will answer everything for you from the weather characteristics to the details of the months and seasons so you can easily identify and choose the right time to go to Halong. And then, you can have fun and relax to the fullest. Please read this entire article with us to get your answer.

Overview of Halong

Halong bay beach kayak

Halong Bay has been one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the North for many years. Halong is not only chosen by many domestic tourists on their vacation tours, but international friends also extremely love this beautiful place. Traveling to explore Halong, you will experience countless exciting sea activities such as immersing yourself in the majestic nature, admiring thousands of large and small islands from high-class Halong cruises, and enjoying swimming in the cool blue sea, participating in adventure water sports games, or learning about the daily life of fishing villagers who rely on the sea to make a living, or simply relaxing in the natural beauty of this place.

Halong's weather is characterized by the four distinct seasons of the Northern region with hot summer, cold winter, spring and autumn are the two most pleasant times of the year and they are the season that attracts tourists. During the dry season from August to earlier, Halong will be crowded and overloaded.

Summer in Halong starts from April to the end of September and the temperature often exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. With quite hot weather, cool blue sea water, and clear blue sky, it is very convenient for sightseeing and exploring activities in Halong.

Winter usually lasts from December to February of the following year, at this time, the weather in Halong is quite cold, with drizzle and fog greatly affecting your trip. This is also the ideal time for foreign tourists to come to Halong.

Halong's seasonal weather

Best time to visit halong bay

Spring in Halong

Spring in Halong will start from February, March until early April. Some years it will last from the end of January to mid-April. Depending on the year, you will feel spring clearly or the spring will alternate with cold winter days. The temperature in spring is cool, ranging from 19 degrees to below 30 degrees. Although there will still be a little rain or there will be a few days of cold "afterglow", in general, the weather is still pleasant. This period is suitable for the first spring trip of the year for many families and young people.

But one thing to note for you is that if you participate in fun activities like swimming or playing adventure games at sea, it is also limited. Because during this time, the sea water is still quite cold, not too warm, so you also need to be careful. Activities such as kayaking, visiting fishing villages, etc. still operate normally.

When you come to Halong Bay in spring, you will see images of green trees, blooming flowers, and wild birds flying in the sky. Please add Halong in spring to your sightseeing list.

Summer in Halong

Summer in the Halong Bay area will take place from May to September, with high temperatures typical of summer and is accompanied by heavy rains or a few storms. Starting from mid-May, the temperature will gradually increase to about 34 to 35 degrees. This weather is very suitable for outdoor activities such as swimming, sunbathing, kayaking...

Note, when coming to Halong in the summer, you need to bring sunscreen, light-colored clothes, a wide-brimmed hat and dark glasses to avoid the harsh sun at noon affecting your health. Some anti-mosquito cream is also necessary when you go to the island or rest on a beach with many trees. If there is a storm, there will be early warning bulletins and you will easily know before going on the tour by watching weather reports. During storms, the sea is rough, so you should not go to the beach, the turbid water and big waves are quite dangerous for you.

Halong bay private cruise

Autumn in Halong

Autumn in Halong falls in October and November, which is not a long but this is a very beautiful time in Halong. The average temperature this season is around 27 degrees, the air is cool and pleasant, and the sunshine is especially golden, producing the most beautiful photos. In the fall, late storms can still occur but are not as frequent and not as strong as summer storms. Halong’s autumn is very suitable for family trips, couples in love or even occasions where friends can gather together to go to Halong Bay and stay on private yachts.

This is considered the peak season in Halong because of favorable weather conditions, so if you go on this occasion, please check in advance to book a room in Halong. And you probably have the answer to which season is the best to go to Halong.

Winter in Halong

Winter in Halong starts from December to the end of February next year. Weather temperatures range from 8 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius, typical of cold weather and cold winds. Winter mornings are often less sunny and have dense fog. Outdoor fun activities such as community games at water parks are all closed. Swimming is not recommended either.

In winter, outdoor activities on cruise tours in Halong will not be as interesting as in summer. Winter is a suitable choice for foreign tourists. You can enjoy the cool air or sit in a warm room sipping hot coffee and looking at the surrounding scenery, which is also very interesting.

Some notes for you when going to Halong during the seasons of the year

Halong bay island

- In the rainy season, you will not be able to swim, even spend the night on the bay and enjoy fun underwater activities. You should explore Halong's long historical relics, find other interesting Halong sightseeing destinations or enjoy delicious Halong dishes such as Halong squid cakes, Halong sandworm omelet, Stir-fried snails with soy sauce... with the criterion "eat all of Halong".

- Bring some items: a raincoat, and umbrella to prevent sudden rain and remember to check the weather forecast for the trip.

- Bring a jacket to keep your body warm.

- Waterproof bag or backpack to protect important electronic devices and personal belongings.

- Common medicines such as flu, runny nose, cough, headache, pain reliever...

- Identification documents and some necessary personal items.

- If you go during peak season, make sure your hotel has a room available about 2 weeks before your trip.


Which season is the most reasonable to go to Halong has been answered in this article. The best time to visit and travel Halong is spring from March to April and fall from October to November. But in general, it will also depend partly on your needs and preferences. So you can be confident in your decision, every season will be beautiful in its own way. Hope the above information will be useful to you. Wishing you a happy trip and please share that moment with us!

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