Best time to visit and travel Hanoi

By Ngoc Nguyen - June 10, 2024
Best time to visit and travel Hanoi

Hanoi, the thousand-year-old capital of Vietnam, is a tourist city with ancient beautiful scenery, cultural diversity, and historical significance. That is the reason why every day Hanoi welcomes thousands of domestic and international tourists to visit.

If you are planning to go and visit our country, absolutely do not miss Hanoi. But do you know which season is the most beautiful to visit Hanoi? Let's find out right here.

Characteristics of each season in Hanoi

Unlike the South, Hanoi has a clear distinction in weather between 4 seasons. Each season has its own unique characteristics, from which tourism needs are also different. To know which season is best to visit Hanoi, you must clearly understand the characteristics of each season. As follows:


Starting in February and lasting until the end of April, spring in Hanoi brings the beauty of gentleness and elegance. The weather at this time is very pleasant, neither hot nor bitterly cold, but instead of cool weather, there are occasional sudden drizzles that seem to wash away the dirt from the whole city.

However, in April, there was a change in the weather. Heat waves coming more often signal the coming summer.

Hanoi Vietnam


Starting from May to the end of July, this is the time that many people in the Capital are afraid because the weather is extremely hot and humid. Temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, which can easily cause fatigue and heat stroke. However, the weather seems not suitable for travel, but this season in Hanoi is clear, many types of flowers begin to bloom extremely beautifully.


Summer has passed and autumn has come. For Hanoi, autumn is considered a "specialty", this is the time when the Capital appears with a romantic beauty, as shy as a young girl in spring. Autumn lasts from August to October, leaving behind the scorching heat of summer, replaced by gentle breezes and calm blue skies.

This season of Hanoi enters poetry not only because of the cool weather but also because this is the season of the new scent of green rice, passionate milkwood flowers, and streets full of fallen leaves.

Tet Trung Thu Hanoi Vietnam


From November to January next year is winter. A characteristic feature of Hanoi's winter is the strong cold winds that make pedestrians shiver from the cold. The capital's cold weather is not inferior to other provinces of Vietnam with harsh winters.

However, many people have fallen in love with the coldness of this place. Even though it's cold but it doesn't rain, Hanoi's winter still has an indescribable romance and charm.

Best Time to Travel Hanoi

We think it is difficult to give a correct answer to the question of which season is best to visit Hanoi. Because the four seasons have four distinct characteristics and each of us has our own preferences and expectations for our travel.

For example, people in hot destinations all year round, who like to experience the bitter cold of North Vietnam, will find Hanoi most beautiful in winter. For those who love passion, romance, and gentleness, autumn is definitely the time to pack your backpack and go.

However, when traveling, most people want to go when the weather is nice, not too hot, and not too rainy, so they can visit most places. So many people think that from August to October, when Hanoi is in autumn, is the best time to travel. And in fact, autumn is also the most beautiful season in the Capital.

On autumn days, Hanoi is dressed in a beautiful vibe, not uncomfortable but extremely charming and alluring. The streets are full of fallen leaves, blowing in the wind to the heart's content. You can also easily meet aunts and uncles carrying flowers to sell on old bicycles. The flower bicycles seem to contain all the charm of Hanoi's autumn.

This time is very favorable for you to walk around the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, visit Uncle Ho's mausoleum, visit the Opera House, Temple of Literature, Hoa Lo Prison, or the most chill cafes of Hanoi. In addition, the autumn weather is also very suitable for you to run out of the inner city to find a camping spot.

Pho Hanoi Vietnam

Note when traveling to Hanoi

After determining which season is best to travel to Hanoi, plan a trip to explore the capital. However, before leaving, you must take note of the following points.

  • Prepare clothes suitable for the weather, don't just be subjective about the characteristics of the four seasons, you should also check the weather forecast before going to prepare accordingly.
  • Always bring common medications such as flu, fever, stomachache medicine... to use when necessary. If you go on hot, humid, or cold days, you can easily get sick.
  • You should avoid going from May to July, it is very hot at this time, and staying at home feels uncomfortable, so sightseeing and playing will be very tiring.
  • List the places you want to visit and arrange them close together to save time and make traveling more convenient.
  • On hot or rainy days, you can think of traveling to Hanoi by self-driving car. If you have a B1 - B2 driver's license, you will easily be able to rent a 4 - 7 seat car to drive everywhere no matter how harsh the weather is.


Ho Guom Hanoi Vietnam

Which season is best to travel to Hanoi sometimes depends on each person's preferences and feelings. With the information here, you now understand the characteristics of each season, so choose the time to explore Vietnam's Capital as you like. If you want to know more about famous destinations and interesting travel tips, don't forget to follow the articles on our website!

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