Top 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruises

By Ngoc Nguyen - June 7, 2024
Top 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruises

Every year, Halong Bay attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Halong Bay is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is recognized by UNESCO. This is a destination that you should not miss on your trip to Southeast Asia.

Cruise lines often provide itineraries with many attractive destinations around Halong. These include limestone caves, local fishing villages, and some famous islands. Visitors can explore and learn about the daily life of Halong people. During the journey, the tour guide will introduce visitors to Vietnamese culture. Visitors can also participate in cooking classes, Tai Chi classes, or night squid fishing.

Below is a list of the 10 best cruises in Halong Bay based on tourist reviews.

1. Le Theatre Cruise
2. Stellar of the Seas Cruise
3. Scarlet Pearl Cruise
4. Era Cruise
5. Paradise Elegance Cruise
6. Orchid Cruise
7. Indochine Cruise
8. Paradise Peak Cruise
9. Bhaya Classic Cruise
10. Paradise Luxury Cruise

1. Le Theatre Cruise

Le Theatre Cruise

Halong Bay Cruise - Le Theater is one of the 5-star cruise ships that has been highly appreciated by customers recently. Officially launched in 2019, Le Theater has continuously improved and developed services to satisfy tourists.

Le Theater Cruise is considered a work of art on water. Because the cruise possesses a unique design style. It consists of 4 floors painted in trendy white. This modern touch covers the entire appearance of the cruise. However, the inside is designed in a luxurious neoclassical style. With a large lobby sparkling like a beautiful palace, it creates a deep impression on customers.

Not only possessing quality rooms and unique tours, Le Theater Cruise also offers visitors many attractive utility services. From food services to entertainment activities, all bring customers moments of maximum relaxation and stress relief. That is also the highlight that helps Le Theater Cruise stay in the hearts of each customer.

2. Stellar of the Seas Cruise

stellar of the seas, 10 best cruises in halong bay

The Stellar of the Seas Cruise was put into operation in 2018, belonging to the Aclass luxury cruise line. The cruise makes a strong impression with its 5-star interior design, modern and elegant steel hull, and 22 airy rooms. You can admire the emerald-green water and majestic limestone mountains from the large balcony on the cruise.

Guests will enjoy recreational services on board such as playing golf, exercising at the gym, relaxing at the spa, or immersing themselves in the 50m2 swimming pool to enjoy the bay view. Luxurious meals will be served on board including a European lunch/set menu, BBQ dinner near the swimming pool area, and Vietnamese combination breakfast and lunch.

Stellar of the Seas Cruise offers many itineraries such as 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights, and 5 days 4 nights, suitable for many customers.

3. Scarlet Pearl Cruise

10 best cruises in halong bay, scarlet pearl cruise

Scarlet Pearl Cruise is one of the most special high-quality 5-star cruises in Halong Bay. This cruise is different with its dynamic Catamaran design and new, luxurious interior.

It includes 23 cabins divided into 4 room categories: Silver Pearl, Golden Pearl, Onyx, and Scarlet Pearl. Each room on the cruise is very spacious, with a private balcony or terrace, mini bar, and bathtub in the bathroom. With large windows running from the ceiling to the floor, you can watch the bay appear right before your eyes.

Coming to Scarlet Pearl Cruise, visitors will experience many high-class services, along with wonderful moments of rest. The Tahiti restaurant serves Vietnamese and European dishes, and the bar on the cruise serves cocktails and more than 50 different types of wine. There are also amenities such as a spa, gym, and Jacuzzi in the sundeck area.

4. Era Cruise

Era Cruise

Era Cruise is a new cruise brand, made of steel, and luxuriously designed, ensuring outstanding aesthetics and the highest safety for customers. Equipped with the best interiors in the world along with a team of professional staff, Era Cruise promises to bring guests incredible service quality and unforgettable experiences on Halong - Lan Ha Bay.

Era Cruises will bring visitors the most wonderful moments of relaxation, a feeling of excitement mixed with a little surprise at the close harmony between the beauty created by nature and the beauty of architecture and design. 

Era Cruise has a maximum capacity of 56 people on board. It has 18 bedrooms divided into 4 main room types, all rooms have private balconies.

5. Paradise Elegance Cruise

10 best cruises in halong bay, paradise elegance cruise

Since its inception, the Paradise brand has always been at the top of the most popular Halong Bay cruises. With the introduction of a modern steel hull, the Paradise Elegance has proven that the fleet's service is truly luxurious and classy - just like the folk saying "worth the money" that you have spent. Indeed, coming to Paradise Elegance, you will be completely immersed in a world that lives up to its name, "paradise", as if all the troubles of everyday life will be replaced by melodious feelings - when you step into this work of art.

The cruise has 32 cabins designed to be 25 square meters wide with the main color being white, giving you sophistication and luxury. Besides, you also have the opportunity to explore Vietnamese culinary art combined with international culinary art styles, giving you unexpected and interesting experiences that you have never experienced before. 

6. Orchid Cruise

10 best cruises in halong bay, orchid cruise

The 5-star Orchid Cruise belongs to the Pelican cruise group, with the image of 3 sails with a characteristic orchid shape, the Orchid Cruise is a perfect combination of traditional and modern design, standing tall in the middle of the sea in the middle of the beautiful and poetic bay.

The interior of the cruise exudes elegance and modernity with the main colors brown and white. With a modest number of cabins but full amenities, each cabin has its own balcony, visitors will feel absolute privacy on the ship.

When participating in the 2-day 1-night itinerary on Orchid Cruise, you will have a luxury vacation with top cuisine served with Vietnamese - European style menus, the onboard spa has massage services using the newest therapy, in addition, on board there is also a Happy Hour party and a memorable sunset party. Besides, visitors also have new experiences such as kayaking to explore the fishing village, playing in the clean sea area, or trying night squid fishing on the boat.

7. Indochine Cruise

10 best cruises in halong bay, indochine cruise halong bay

Indochine Cruise is inspired by traditional Asian style and is one of the newest and most luxurious cruises on Halong Bay. If tourists are looking for classic, luxurious, and traditional features, they cannot miss the Indochine Cruise.

Rooms on the cruise are spacious with areas ranging from 32m2 - 80m2, each room has a private balcony, WIFI, bathtub, and many other amenities.

Tonkin and Anam restaurants on the Indochine Cruise serve Vietnamese-European dishes suitable for all customers, along with a delicious list of imported drinks. Other recreational facilities include a gym, spa, and sundeck with an exciting sunset tea party.

Coming to Halong Bay, don't miss the opportunity to explore Dark and Light Cave - the most beautiful cave on the bay and experience kayaking. You will have a short visit to Viet Hai Fishing Village, cycling, walking, or riding an electric car around the green roads and admiring the ancient houses.

8. Paradise Peak Cruise

10 best cruises in halong bay, paradise peak halong bay

Another cruise ship offered by Paradise Cruise company, Paradise Peak ranks 2nd among the best cruises on the Tripadvisor website. Paradise Peak has a higher price than Paradise Luxury because of the significant upgrade in amenities. One night on the Paradise Peak Cruise costs about 11,250,000 VND/person, visitors can choose to stay 1 or 2 nights on the cruise.

The luxury cruise has many outstanding features, including 8 luxuriously designed bedrooms, a high-class restaurant, an outdoor bar on the deck, and spa services.

On board the junk, there is a receptionist on duty to ensure all individual requests of each traveler. Another difference between Paradise Peak Cruise and most other 5-star cruise lines is that the world's top chefs will prepare meals with typical ingredients in Halong.

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9. Bhaya Classic Cruise

10 best cruises in halong bay, Bhaya Classic Cruise

Whether you are traveling alone, with family, on business, or your honeymoon, Bhaya Cruise will be the right choice for you.

Bhaya is one of the top choices for tourists when visiting Halong Bay. It ranks 5th in the list of best cruises in Halong on the Tripadvisor website. With a price of about 4,500,000 VND/person, the company is considered a cruise line that provides quality services at more affordable prices than other cruise lines.

Bhaya Cruise is a 4-star junk with excellent reviews on Tripadvisor and The cruise offers visitors many highlights throughout the journey. This includes health care and relaxing spa services. In addition, visitors can also cycle or fish if they want a more active vacation.

The cabin on Bhaya Cruise is uniquely designed with a sophisticated, luxurious style. The current facilities help visitors have the most comfortable vacation. Bhaya Cruise always makes tourists satisfied with the quality of service. The cruise guarantees to give each traveler the most wonderful journey.

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10. Paradise Luxury Cruise

Paradise Luxury Cruise received 9.2 points on the website. It also ranks 4th in the list of best cruises in Halong Bay on Tripadvisor. With a price of about 6,750,000 VND/person, the cruise will bring visitors the most luxurious and comfortable services. Therefore, the majority of reviews about Paradise Luxury Cruise are positive.

Paradise Luxury Cruise has up to 17 elegant cabins. In addition, the cruise also has 3 sundecks and health spa services. Visitors also cannot miss the delicious gourmet dishes prepared by an experienced chef. There will be a tour guide to accompany visitors in many interesting activities such as kayaking, Tai Chi classes, and swimming to admire the sea.

Paradise Luxury Cruise


Hopefully, the top 10 best Halong Bay cruises above will help you choose for yourself the most interesting and wonderful trip to Halong. In addition, you can book a day tour to Halong Bay if you choose to stay overnight at the hotel.

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