Travel to visit Vietnam in november

By Ngoc Nguyen - November 7, 2023
Travel to visit Vietnam in november

Northern, central, and southern Vietnam have distinct weather patterns in November due to the country's diverse topography. 

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1. Northern Vietnam in November
2. Central Vietnam in November
3. SouthernVietnam in November
4. Vietnam beach in November

1. Northern Vietnam in November

Northern Vietnam has a cooler, damper climate due to its mountainous terrain and higher elevations. Average temperatures range from 17-25°C (63-77°F), dropping lower at higher altitudes like Sapa. The northeast monsoon brings cloudier skies, mist, and rain especially in the late afternoons and evenings. Areas near Halong Bay get over 200mm of rainfall. Pack an umbrella and light jacket when visiting northern destinations like Hanoi, Ninh Binh, and Ha Giang.

Northern Vietnam offers some of the country's most popular destinations to visit in November when the weather is cooler and drier. The moderate temperatures make it ideal for sightseeing and enjoying the outdoors. 

Hanoi has pleasant weather in November with average highs around 23°C (73°F) and cooler evenings. The air feels crisp and fresh, perfect for wandering around the Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake. With fewer crowds it's easier to immerse yourself in Hanoi's captivating culture and sample delicious street food. Don't miss top attractions like the Temple of Literature, Hoa Lo Prison, and fascinating museums. 

Halong Bay 
November's cooler and drier weather makes it an optimal time to visit Ha Long Bay. Cruising amongst the majestic limestone karsts and islands is incredibly scenic when not shrouded in mist or rain. With temperatures averaging in the low 20s, you can comfortably spend the day kayaking, swimming, and exploring unique caves and grottos around the bay.

Up in the mountains of northern Vietnam, Sapa offers a refreshing retreat from the heat. The average temperature is a comfortable 18°C (64°F), perfect for hiking amongst vibrant green rice terraces. With low chance of rain in November, you can clearly see panoramic views of Fanispan mountain and sights like Thac Bac waterfall. Staying in Sapa town, visiting ethnic minority villages, and exploring open-air markets is highly enjoyable in the mild fall weather.

2. Central Vietnam in November

Central Vietnam enjoys warm, dry weather in November. Sunny days and minimal rain make it a pleasant time to visit cities like Hue, Danang, Hoi An. Average highs reach around 28°C (82°F). The central region sits in the rain shadow of the Annamite Mountains, sheltering it from the wet northeast monsoon. Beaches around Danang and Hoi An get very little rain, making them ideal for sunbathing and watersports. 

Central Vietnam enjoys warm, dry weather in November, making it an ideal time to visit some of the top destinations in the region. 

Hue's imperial citadel and tombs are best explored during the dry season from November to March. With comfortable daytime temperatures in the mid 20s Celsius, you can comfortably spend hours wandering through the expansive imperial grounds and ornate temples. The Perfume River also shimmers under the autumn sun, making a boat trip or romantic sunset stroll along the banks a memorable experience. 

Hoi An
Further south, Hoi An sees mostly sunny days in November, with very little rain. The sunny, dry weather is perfect for strolling through the atmospheric Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its old merchant homes, pagodas, tailor shops, and colorful lanterns. Outdoor restaurants line the river, letting you soak up the riverfront atmosphere. Nearby beaches also beckon for relaxing days soaking up the sun and swimming in the South China Sea.

Da Nang 
November is hands-down one of the best times to visit Da Nang and its beaches along Vietnam's central coastline. With average highs of 26°C, you can comfortably relax on the soft sand beaches during the day. The peak tourist crowds have also left by November, allowing you to explore popular spots like the Dragon Bridge and Marble Mountains in peace. Da Nang offers the full beach holiday experience, from water sports like surfing and jet skiing to beachfront resorts and seafood restaurants.

3. Southern Vietnam in November

Southern Vietnam experiences hot, humid weather in November. Average high temperatures exceed 30°C (86°F). The southwest monsoon brings scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially in the afternoons. The region gets the most rain in November compared to the rest of the country. Humidity levels remain high. Light, breathable clothing is recommended when visiting the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phu Quoc Island. Pack umbrellas and mosquito repellent.

Southern Vietnam offers some excellent destinations to visit in November, including vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, the tropical Mekong Delta, and beautiful Phu Quoc Island.

Ho Chi Minh City

November falls in Ho Chi Minh City's dry season, when temperatures are consistently hot and humid. With less rain, it's an ideal time to explore the sights, sounds, and energy of this bustling metropolis. Wander through neighborhoods like Ben Thanh Market, check out the Reunification Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral, or visit the Cu Chi Tunnels from the Vietnam War era. The hot and steamy weather is perfect for indulging in street food, from aromatic pho noodle soups to banh mi sandwiches. Just be ready for the heat and pack light, breathable clothing.  

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta region also experiences its dry season in November, making for pleasant boat tours and river cruises. Float along palm-lined waterways, stopping to visit local cottage industries and try tropical fruit. The drier weather means water levels are lower, allowing you to explore islets in the river that are usually underwater other times of year. Don't miss the floating markets like Cai Rang, where boats pile high with produce jostle along the river. The cooler temperatures (though still hot) draw less humidity, so you'll stay comfortable on scenic riverside bike rides.

Phu Quoc Island 

For tropical beach perfection, head to Phu Quoc Island off the coast of Vietnam. November falls in the island's dry season, bringing idyllic beach weather with warm ocean temperatures averaging around 28°C. Relax on the soft white sand beaches edged by swaying coconut palms. The clear waters and milder humidity make snorkeling and diving around colorful coral reefs ideal. Hike through Phu Quoc's interior rainforest or visit a pearl farm to see how these gems are cultured. Sample seafood fresh from the ocean at low-key beachfront restaurants. With its inviting beach weather before the crowds of high season, November is a wonderful time to experience Phu Quoc's natural beauty.

4. Vietnam beach in November

Vietnam is blessed with beautiful beaches along its entire coastline. While the beaches farther north can get cooler weather in November, the central and southern beaches stay warm and sunny, making them ideal beach destinations. Here are some of the best beaches to visit in Vietnam in November:

 Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of Vietnam's most popular beach destinations thanks to its gorgeous stretch of white sand beaches along turquoise waters. November falls in the dry season here, with pleasant beach weather in the mid 80s Fahrenheit. The ocean water is also warmer here than farther north, making swimming and snorkeling enjoyable. With great resorts, seafood restaurants, and nearby islands to explore, Nha Trang is a top pick for a beach vacation in November.

Phu Quoc Island 

Phu Quoc is a large island off the southern coast of Vietnam, known for having some of the country's most idyllic beaches. The island gets less rain in November than the rest of the year, and also minimal storms, making it perfect for relaxing on the beach. The ocean temperature hovers around 84 Fahrenheit, ideal for swimming and watersports. With both busy resort beaches and more remote stretches of sand, Phu Quoc has options for every style of beachgoer.

Con Dao Islands

For an off-the-beaten-path beach getaway in November, head to the remote Con Dao archipelago. Located far from the mainland, these islands feel like a tropical paradise, with 16 beaches surrounded by clear blue waters. There is very little rain in November, allowing for full enjoyment of the beaches and island activities like diving, snorkeling, and sea turtle watching. With fewer tourists than more popular beach destinations in Vietnam, the Con Dao Islands offer a tranquil beach escape in November.


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