Travel to visit Vietnam in October

By Ngoc Nguyen - July 18, 2024
Travel to visit Vietnam in October

Where should you travel in Vietnam in October ? It is known that this is the ideal time to explore unique tourist destinations and enjoy the beautiful autumn colours and mild weather. You can satisfy your passion for autumn scenery in the chilly North, experience wonderful autumn weather in the Central Highlands or explore the flood season in the Southwest. Let us suggest you a trip to Vietnam this October !

1. Where should you travel in the North in October?
2. Where to travel to the Central Highlands in October?
3. Where should you travel to the South in October?

1. Where should you travel in the North in October?

October is considered the most beautiful time of the year in the North of Vietnam. With cold weather, the temperature is always between 25 - 26 degrees Celsius, extremely ideal for your trip. If you are interested in seasonal travel, you should choose this time. You will have the opportunity to see the bright yellow chrysanthemums blooming all over the roads and inhale the faint scent of milk flowers weaving in every small street. And especially feel the romantic poetry of the North Vietnam in the fall.

1.1. Experience Hanoi's autumn

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Visiting Hanoi in the fall is an interesting experience that you should definitely experience at least once in your life. The beauty of autumn in Hanoi has been recorded in the love songs of many generations of musicians.

Just listening is enough to make the listener's heart flutter. Ideal destinations for a one-day tour in Hanoi include Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Old Quarter, Opera House, and St. Joseph's Cathedral...

1.2. See buckwheat flowers blooming in Ha Giang

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Coming to Ha Giang in October to enjoy the beauty of the first buckwheat flowers of the season is an experience not to be missed. Buckwheat flowers bloom with pure white, interspersed with light purple, creating a dreamy scene like in a fairy tale, stretching across the hillsides of Ha Giang.

However, Ha Giang is also famous for many other interesting places that you should not miss. Visit Dong Van stone plateau, explore Ha Giang ancient town, scout Sung La valley or experience the exciting feeling of climbing Co Tien double mountain. If you are wondering where to go in October, plan an adventure to explore interesting destinations in this poetic land.

1.3. Return to Moc Chau to visit white mustard flower fields

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If Ha Giang is known for its buckwheat fields, Moc Chau is famous for its pristine white mustard fields surrounding the beautiful countryside of the Northwest mountains and forests and the yellow wildflower gardens shine brightly in the autumn sunlight along with the misty colour. These characteristics create a special attraction for Moc Chau. If you are wondering where to travel in October, Moc Chau is a great suggestion that you should consider!

1.4. Sapa's ripe golden rice

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October is the best time of the year to feel the "transformation" of Sapa. At this time, the terraced fields have turned bright yellow, creating the most beautiful scene of the year. The weather in Sapa in October is chilly, creating good conditions for you to sit by the warm fire, enjoy wild meat, and corn wine and talk about everything in life. In these moments, you will not know when you were captivated by the beauty of Sapa.

In addition, when you come to Sapa, you cannot miss the opportunity to go to Fansipan Peak with its overwhelming natural scenery, enjoy the wonderful beauty of the mountain town of O Quy Ho Pass or conquer Sapa Heaven Gate, along with other wonderful nature that awaits you. So, what are you waiting for to set foot in Sapa this October?

1.5. Colorful Yen Bai 

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With the geological formation of three large mountain ranges along with the lower terrain including valleys and low hills, the weather and landscape of Yen Bai province are clearly distinct. It is this difference that creates unique and beautiful Yen Bai tourist destinations.

Travelling to Yen Bai in October is also the time when Muong Lo becomes an attractive tourist destination, with brilliant yellow pictures of ripe rice and peaceful harvest scenes of local people. When you visit Muong Lo, you can also combine a visit to Mu Cang Chai - a masterpiece of terraced fields at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son range, also an inspiration for many excellent works of art.

1.6. Dinosaur spine with surrounding reed grass in Binh Lieu

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Travelling to Binh Lieu in October will bring a wonderful experience on the irresistibly beautiful reed grass road. Walking on the famous highway nicknamed "dinosaur spine" of the Northern region, you will feel the enchanting beauty of the reed grass gently swaying in the cool breeze. In the distance, rolling deep green hills create an extremely vast and beautiful natural landscape.

In addition, Binh Lieu also has other famous tourist destinations that are not inferior to the reed grass road. You should not miss exploring the ancient village here, which is like a miniature version of "Hoi An Ancient Town", with beautiful landscapes and unique culture. There are other notable and interesting attractions such as Ngan Vang, Ngan Chuong, and Pac Phe...

2. Where to travel to the Central Highlands in October?

2.1. Discover a new Da Lat in autumn colours

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October brings the brilliant yellow colour of wild sunflowers on the roads in Da Lat, making Da Lat more lyrical and beautiful, captivating the hearts of countless tourists. In addition to coming here to visit, many young people also take advantage of the opportunity to save moments next to the charming wild sunflowers, especially on familiar routes such as Dran Road, Da Lat - Elephant Falls - Lang Biang and the Valley of Love. What are you waiting for? Take an October trip to Da Lat to satisfy your passion for exploring nature and enjoy memorable moments.

2.2. Visit Gia Lai with the cassia flower festival season

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Travelling to the Central Highlands, besides Da Lat, Gia Lai is also a place worth visiting at least once. In October, Gia Lai has a special beauty with the cassia flower blooming season, creating a brilliant scene on every road and hill slope.

In addition, the Gia Lai mountain area also has T'Nung Lake and Chu Dang Ya Volcano, both destinations for young people looking for a quiet, fresh and cool space to spend their holidays. 

3. Where should you travel to the South in October?

3.1. Visit Can Tho during flood season

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When coming to Can Tho, there are two indispensable experiences: visiting the vibrant Cai Rang Floating Market and enjoying the city's specialities such as vermicelli with fish sauce, Ba khia, fish grilled on reed tubes, and hot pot...

Furthermore, you should also try to enjoy the peaceful sunset at Ninh Kieu Wharf - a beautiful moment not to be missed.

3.2. Coming to the land of Seven Mountains, An Giang

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If you choose to visit the South Vientam in October, An Giang is a destination not to be missed. During your time here, don't miss the opportunity to experience the boats, admire the poetic natural scenery and immerse yourself in the lush green space of Tra Su Melaleuca forest. Not only is it diverse in the ecosystem, but An Giang is also surprisingly beautiful with Ta Pa fields, Tinh Bien Palmyra forest, Cam Mountain and Sam Mountain.

We hope that with the travel guides that our experts have suggested, you can determine your ideal destination for October and are ready to make detailed plans for your upcoming journey. Each location has its own unique beauty, ready to welcome your exploration. We’ll accompany you on every trip.

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