Travel to visit Vietnam in July

By Ngoc Nguyen - July 6, 2024
Travel to visit Vietnam in July

Although the weather in July in Vietnam continues to be hot, it is somewhat milder than in recent months due to the formation of rain. This is a suitable time for tourism in Vietnam, especially in places with beautiful beaches and cool climates for people to avoid the heat and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Right now, join us to explore 10 interesting July tourist destinations!

10 Vietnam tourist destinations in July for a fiery summer

1. Phu Quoc - Pearl of the East Sea
2. Nha Trang - Magnificent coastal city
3. Da Nang - Life's paradise
4. Cu Lao Cham - island treasure
5. Ha Long - A fairyland on earth
6. Da Lat - Beautiful muse
7. Ha Giang - Beautiful scenery that captivates people's hearts
8. Tam Dao - The beauty of the mountains
9. Sapa - The place to touch paradise
10. Moc Chau Plateau - Poetic steppe

1. Phu Quoc - Pearl of the East Sea

phu quoc vietnam in july

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, located in Kien Giang Province, Gulf of Thailand Region, with an area of 574 square kilometers. Phu Quoc possesses many tourism resources with blue beaches, vast mountains and forests, and above all, there are diverse development services: from family amusement parks to luxury resorts.

Phu Quoc is a famous Vietnam tourist destination that is always crowded with tourists from near and far because it brings together all the attractions that ensure your visit and vacation are the most complete and exciting.

Coming to Phu Quoc, you can walk around and immerse yourself in the clear blue sea water at beautiful beaches such as Sao Beach, Dai Beach, Hon Thom Beach... And have fun at the fully equipped amusement parks, such as Sun World Hon Thom, VinWonders, etc.

2. Nha Trang - Magnificent coastal city

nha trang vietnam in july

Nha Trang is in Khanh Hoa Province, where there are many beautiful beaches, along with favorable weather conditions, warm sunshine, and little rain. Nha Trang also has many interesting check-in locations, this is the ideal July travel destination in Vietnam for you.

Attractive places in Nha Trang that you should visit include:

Nhu Tien Beach, Nha Trang: it’s a beach with clear water that can be seen at the bottom, smooth white sand, and green coconut trees bringing the poetic beauty of the island.

Diep Son Island will let you experience the feeling of walking on the sea with the unique walking path in the middle of the sea in Vietnam. This road is more than 800 meters long and 1 meter wide.

Ponagar Tower: this is a historical relic of unique beauty with the architectural design of the ancient Cham people. This work of art is located on Cu Lao Hill about 10 meters high, surrounded by rich natural scenery. Looking from the 3rd floor of Ponagar Tower, you can see the vast ocean and majestic mountains and forests.

3. Da Nang - Life's paradise

da nang vietnam in july

Da Nang is located in Quang Nam Province and is the most livable city in Vietnam. Da Nang has a mild climate all year round and extremely developed services. Da Nang can best meet the simple to harsh requirements of tourists when coming here to visit and relax.

Da Nang in July has the clear My Khe beach, the magnificent Ba Na Hill with the majestic Golden Bridge, the relaxing Nui Than Tai hot springs, and the extremely mesmerizing international fireworks festival. Traveling in July to Da Nang will not disappoint you.

4. Cu Lao Cham – Island of Treasure

cu lao cham vietnam in july

Cu Lao Cham is an island cluster of 8 islands in Hoi An City, Quang Nam. This is a place with extremely beautiful beaches and a cool climate all year round. Cu Lao Cham also has a unique and diverse ecosystem and was named one of the world's biosphere reserves by UNESCO.

Cu Lao Cham is a place favored by nature, gifted with majestic and pure beauty, in front of the vast ocean, behind are lush green mountains and forests. Coming to Cu Lao Cham, you can admire many clear blue beaches that are always carefully protected by the hands of the people such as Bai Ong, Bai Huong, Bai Xep...

You can watch the sunrise in the morning, watch the sunset in the afternoon, and watch the stars in the evening amid the sound of ocean waves. This is an extremely attractive Vietnam tourist destination in July for you to avoid the heat and relax.

5. Halong - A Fairyland of the Human World

Halong bay july

Halong is a bay in Quang Ninh Province. The beauty of Halong Bay is the pride of Vietnam. Halong always makes visitors amazed by the magnificent natural scenery, created by many islands covered with lush green grass and trees, surrounded by vast and calm water.

This is a tourist destination in Vietnam that is always especially favored by both domestic and foreign tourists. Visit Halong, you will not regret your trip. When traveling to Halong, you should not miss attractive destinations such as:

Bai Tu Long Bay, with its majestic wild beauty, charming mountains, and water, perfectly shaped by the hands of mother nature, is a unique beauty.

Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave, as the name suggests, this cave will amaze you with its magical and mysterious beauty. There are lights installed in the cave that provide a gentle light source so you can fully enjoy the beauty inside the cave.

6. Da Lat - The Beautiful Muse

da lat vietnam in july

Da Lat City belongs to Lam Dong province, located on the Lam Vien plateau and at the highest point of the Central Highlands. The impression of many people, Da Lat is an extremely beautiful and romantic place and is fondly nicknamed "the city of thousands of flowers".

In July, Da Lat will have sudden rains, however, most of the day will still be warm and sunny. The rains in July make the streets here no longer crowded with tourists like other times. So, if you want to see the city of flowers with rare peaceful beauty, this is the time for you.

Traveling to Da Lat in July, you can go to beautiful Lavender flower gardens. This is the time when the lavender flowers are at their most brilliant. Lavender is an eye-catching flower with a dreamy purple color, a faint fragrance, and a gentle yet extremely attractive beauty.

July is also a good time for you to hunt for clouds when traveling to Da Lat. The feeling of seeing the sea of clouds right before your eyes, as if you just need to raise your hand to be able to reach the cloud layer that is already high above, makes many people happy.

7. Ha Giang - Beautiful scenery that captivates people

ha giang vietnam in july

Ha Giang Province is in the Northeastern mountainous region of Vietnam. Ha Giang in July is covered with lush green vegetation. The scenery in Ha Giang is always characterized by the pure beauty of nature, the poetic glamour of the most genuine and rustic things - the gorgeousness of mountains, forests, clouds, rivers, terraced fields, unsteady mountain passes, and colorful flower fields.

Visiting Ha Giang, you will see the pure natural beauty and charm of labor from:

Nho Que River, a river seen from a distance, is as slender as a soft silk sheet, winding on the craggy Ma Pi Leng Pass.

Hoang Su Phi is a place with beautiful terraced fields, a symbol of the charm of the labor of mountain people. July is the water season in Hoang Su Phi when the fields are bathed in cool water pouring down from above.

8. Tam Dao - The beauty of the mountains

tam dao vietnam in july

Tam Dao Town in Vinh Phuc Province is a place with a wonderful climate and four fresh and cool seasons at an altitude of more than 900 meters above sea level. Tam Dao could not be a more suitable place to avoid the scorching heat of summer.

Coming to Tam Dao, you can experience the feeling of walking on Cau May - a high bridge that helps visitors see far away to fully see the beauty of Tam Dao mountains.

You can also immerse yourself in the poetic scenery, watching the fluttering clouds and deep green hills at Tam Dao Heaven Gate - a cafe with many super sparkling photo angles.

9. Sapa - The place to touch heaven

sapa vietnam in july

Sapa in Lao Cai Province is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country due to its cool climate, unique architectural works, and many super attractive attractions such as:

Sapa stone church has the unique beauty of ancient Roman architecture.

The flower valley is filled with the colors of millions of beautiful flowers including roses, plums, and peaches... created by the skillful hands of talented ecologists and architects in Vietnam.

O Quy Ho Pass, a treasure of the Northwest mountains and forests, is a majestic and beautiful pass, winding to form graceful curves on the green hills and mountains, creating a rustic and extremely captivating picture.

10. Moc Chau Highlands - Dreamy Grasslands

moc chau vietnam in july

It is a place with poetic natural scenery and a cool climate that pleases people at any time of the year. Moc Chau Plateau will give you the feeling of being immersed in poetic, gentle nature, with a fresh, peaceful, and free atmosphere in the vast steppe.

Located at an altitude of 1050m above sea level, with a width of 25km and stretching to about 80km, Moc Chau Plateau has a vast grassland of 1600 hectares, lush green tea hills, fresh plum gardens, and lush green tea gardens. The scene of fields of white mustard flowers has a simple beauty that makes people feel peaceful and free.

Above is extremely useful information to help you make more choices about where you should go this July. Tourist destinations in Vietnam never disappoint us, beautiful landscapes are always present from North to South. We wish you a fun and exciting trip!

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